Review of Lakeland Smart Touch Induction Hob: Part 2

Hello Adventurers!

Following on from a blog post that I did about two weeks ago, today I am going to be giving you the second part of reviewing the ‘Lakeland Smart Touch Induction Hob’.  Link here for ‘Part 1’

I had ordered the hob from Lakeland, around Boxing Day last year because I wanted to try and get it in the sales as it was fairly pricey.  In the end, the Induction Hob wasn’t in the sale and was priced at approximately £100, though it did arrive the day after I ordered it.  The reason I wanted the induction hob was because it can be difficult cooking in my Nana’s kitchen and I have little room in my ‘Studio’ so a table-top hob seemed a perfect idea and I believe it should help a lot in taking my business forward, and giving me much needed practice in all things involved in the kitchen.

So today I hope to actually use the hob, and finally get to cook on it, testing it out.

Let’s a go!

As you will be fully aware from part one, the hob wouldn’t work when I tried it out initially because it needs magnetic pans to do so.  That had not been made clear when I ordered it and it was extremely frustrating – not only because I had expected to be able to use it straight away, but also because, when I researched magnetic pans, it looked as though it was going to add a further £100 ish to the price!

I had researched both Argos and Amazon on the web but I simply don’t have the room to store a set of saucepans and frying pans and I only wanted one of each, preferably with lids to protect the surrounding area and so that if a recipe calls for me to cover, or cover and leave to simmer, I can do so.  My Mum suggested I research John Lewis, as they are a brand that we both trust and create high quality products, and found they had a BIG selection of options and prices which they stated were all magnetic.

On Saturday my Dad drove me to our local John Lewis so I could look at the selection and check how magnetic they were before buying any of them.  The selection was, indeed, massive and a very large percentage were magnetic, though an assistant warned that some of the cheaper ones were could be less magnetic and may not be what I was looking for.  I spent ages looking round, comparing their magnetic qualities by holding my magnetic phone cover to the bottom of the pans.  Some had hardly any pull, while others were much stronger and I couldn’t risk buying ones that wouldn’t work by buying cheap ones, running the risk of having to buy more if they didn’t work, which was not the way forward!  The other thing I had to keep an eye on was the size of the pans as the hob only works with pans up to 26cms in diameter.

Another sales assistant was very helpful (even carrying a magnet in her pocket) but, though she was right, buying a set would be less expensive, I don’t have the space as I said.  I did however see a set that I want to buy in the future that she showed me, so it was not a bad thing.

So, eventually I chose:

  • A frying pan, 24cms in diameter
  • Priced at  £30
  • But it needed a lid separately which was an extra £11

My second buy was:

  • One saucepan, with a lid
  • 18cms in diameter, but has the capacity to hold 2 litres
  • It was priced at £35

My third buy was to purchase two cork mats to use as trivets to protect my surfaces, which cost £6 for the pair.  Which I hadn’t thought about so thank you very much for that thought Mum!

My view is that the pans are sleek, super pretty and amazing.

But, of course, this added a further £82 to the cost of the original hob bringing everything all together to a total of £182.  If I had bought a set, it would have added around £180 to the cost of the original £100 amount spent, so overall I think I did really well to manage a saving of £100.

Having washed the pans, I made scrambled egg for my lunch and so I could finish the review.

Following the instructions from the manual, I placed the pan on top of the hob and turned it on.  Much to my surprise and delight, it worked and stayed on!  I then set it to the  lowest heat setting and set the timer (which is inbuilt to turn off to reduce the risk of the food burning/boiling dry and for safety reasons) for half an hour.  This is WAY more time then I needed, but if the timer works anything like my table-top oven, it will just turn off mid-cooking, which I didn’t want to happen.

The pan heated up really quickly, so I added the butter in the frying pan, the butter seemed to burn, so I changed the setting to a simmer, as I thought that this would mean less heat.  I took the pan off the hob for a second just to move the butter around the bottom of the pan to make sure that it was covered and the hob turned the setting light off, I think meaning that it wasn’t sending any more heat to the frying pan which I think is really clever.

After placing the pan back onto the hob, the setting turned back on again, and I turned on the child lock so that nothing could really be changed.  I then added the eggs to the frying pan, and they cooked really quickly!  Once the scrambled eggs had finished cooking, I placed them into a bowl, placed the pan back on to the hob and turned the hob off.

It was amazing, the scrambled eggs cooked really well.  I was really impressed with it.  I actually was sad that I hadn’t planned anything else to try out!  The hob (and frying pan) did the job and I would certainly recommend this hob to anyone needing a compact, sleek looking, hob.  JUST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE, OR BUY, THE RIGHT PANS! Hahahaha!

And that is it!  I hope you enjoyed this review.

Let me know what you think of this review and if there any other products you would like me to try out and give my opinion on in the comments below!  Let me know of anything you think that I should try out on this hob in terms of recipes or anything like that.  Don’t forget to checkout the links in this blog and the video to go with this blog post below.  And finally, checkout the links below so you can order everything in this video if, like me, you are limited for space but want to be independent.

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…


Items Used In This Blog Post:

Lakeland Smart Touch Induction Hob

Frying Pan Lid:

Saucepan with Lid:‘the-pan’-stainless-steel-saucepan-with-lid-silver/p3226373?size=18cm

Frying Pan:‘the-pan’-stainless-steel-frying-pan-silver/p3177092?size=24cm


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