My Style (take it or leave it…) – 28-01-2019

Hello Adventurers!

The weekend started very sadly when we heard on Friday afternoon that my one of my Aunt’s had passed away.  She had been very ill and I can only think that at least she doesn’t have to have any more chemotherapy and will be at peace now but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with for her husband or children – our thoughts are with them all.

This weekend my Dad STILL had my Mum’s car.  The excuse the garage gave this week is that the part hadn’t arrived back!!!!  It’s over two months now and still no sign of it coming back  so I suggest no one takes their car to ‘SMC Ford Uxbridge’ unless they don’t mind being car-less for weeks and weeks.

So Dad picked us up on Saturday morning and we went to breakfast at Omar’s as usual.

As you will know from my recent blog (link here) I got an induction hob for Christmas and it wouldn’t work because I didn’t know you could only use pans that were magnetic on it (a very frustrating afternoon I can tell you).  So we asked my Dad to take us to John Lewis to see their selection as the ones Argos etc have are sets and I have such little storage space that wasn’t an option for me.

Of course my Dad said yes and Mum got me a decaf vanilla soya latte (not that I am a difficult order!) from Costa (and strangely herself one too!) and off we went.

I popped into Primark to see if they had another one of the jackets Dad had bought me for Christmas as the one I have is slightly stained and I’m going to use it for home but wanted one to wear out as well.  Luckily they had one and along with some trousers a couple of vest tops and a Mary Poppins jumper, it proved a good trip.

Then we walked down to John Lewis and spent absolutely ages looking through their pan collection.  In the end I bought a saucepan with a lid, a frying pan, a lid for the frying pan and two cork tabletop  protectors to put the hot pans on.  I was planning to do a video of using the hob but Mum and I both had follow up eye appointments booked for Sunday at which we would have drops put in and we had been advised not to drive etc so I didn’t know if it would happen.

Mum told Dad she needs the car for this week because she has an appointment to do with my Uncle that we both need to go to and she can’t get back from work on the bus, get me and get to the appointment, but instead of agreeing to this, my Dad said he’d do the driving and get us there.  Just between us, it is difficult because Mum works for an accountancy firm and it’s their busiest month of the year which means her working late and then waiting for a bus to get home and walking to my Uncle’s to pick up his post on top, but she knows my Dad is stuck out on his own and the car means he can at least visit people to fill his week as he’s retired but she didn’t think it would be for over two months when she let him borrow it!

I went to my Dad’s for the night but we went to ASDA to do the weekly shop first so I could pick up some dinner, then we dropped Mum off and went to pick up some beer on the way to Dad’s.

There we watched ‘The Graham Norton Show’, the end of ‘The Proposal’ and the film I brought up to watch ‘My Cousin Vinny’ a film my Dad said I’d love.  I thought it was great and, if it hadn’t been so late I’d have watched it again straight away.

We watched television and went to bed about 10.30pm.

I’d not slept well on Friday night because of my Aunt so looked forward to a lay in on Sunday because Mum’s appointment was first and she said not to come down until my appointment because it was at least an hour later and we’d just have to sit there.  I think she said that so she could sneak in a coffee trip beforehand and my Dad can’t stand the smell of coffee.

So Dad and I had breakfast at his flat then drove to my appointment.  Mum and I both had to have drops in our eyes to dilate them.  I knew I needed replacement glasses so that was no surprise and Mum will get some new glasses when she can afford them but thankfully she is in no dire need for them.  I managed to order replacement lenses for the glasses I’ve got so the cost wasn’t too bad at all and I can pick them up in a week so, all good.

After our appointments we went for something to eat and so we could chat, then Dad dropped us off (taking the car, of course hahaha) and, while Mum took the dogs for a walk, I took everything from the car down to the ‘Studio’. I needed some pictures taken for a blog post so we did that next then had a tea break before going up to the house to sit with my Nana and Uncle.

We then spent some time with my Nana and Uncle doing jigsaws before going to bed.

This weekend I wore my black thermal leggings from Primark, white vest top from Primark, rainbow jumper from Primark, my cord over dress from ASDA, my mismatching unicorn socks and my pixie boots from Primark.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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