What I Got For Christmas 2018

Hello Adventurers!

How was your Christmases everyone?  I really hope that you all had a great time and I thought that today I would list what I was lucky enough to get this year.  As we are so short of space, all of my presents from my parents were either useful or business related so I don’t have to put anything straight into storage which I find heart-breaking every year so thank you Mum and Dad.  Let’s-a-go! 

Personal Christmas Presents

Presents that weren’t business related seemed to have definite themes, i.e. I got a lot of books this year, namely:

‘Act Like A Woman, Think Like A Man’ a book by Steve Harvey about relationships and its follow up book ‘Straight Talk, No Chaser’.

Then I got a book called ‘Doctor Sleep’ which is the follow up to ‘The Shining’ and goes on to tell Danny’s story. This was a book I learnt about while writing a film review on The Shining, link here, and I mentioned it to my Mum so of course she got it for me and I’d better get on and finish reading the first book which I actually started two months ago!

I also got a book called ‘The Crucifix Killer’.  I had read ‘Gallery of the Dead’, review here, on my family holiday last year and liked the way the author wrote so planned to get the next one soon.

Then there were some DVD’s:

‘Carry on Screaming’, which unfortunately we had put on the television on Christmas Eve and Mum couldn’t tell me to turn it off because I would have guessed I was getting it the next day!

I’d also mentioned wanting to watch ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ and they got me one of the earlier versions which I haven’t watched yet and will definitely be watching with others around.

Leading up to Christmas my Uncle recorded ‘Holiday Inn’ for us, the fore runner to ‘White Christmas’, and I watched it with my Uncle, Nana and Mum. They were discussing how good Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers danced together and when I said I’d never seen them dance Mum went on to Amazon and bought me ‘Top Hat’ which arrived before Christmas – well done Amazon.  It was also second-hand, which I only mention as it would have cost £40 to buy new and Mum thought we might only watch the once then send it to charity!

I have seen the beginning and the fight scene (what feels like) a thousand times on Instagram from ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ which I find hilarious and I got the film for Christmas so can watch it in peace and actually piece it all together.

And some other presents:

I got two glass coasters, one of a unicorn, the second one stating that drinking hot chocolate is like having a hug, which is so true.

I got some Winnie the Pooh socks and a set of unicorn socks that are (strangely) not matching pairs – just random styles which may well solve the problem of so many of my socks missing their significant other …

Mum also bought me some more perfume as I am fast running out and had threatened to start using her’s, a trick I’ll have to remember for next year!

I got two lots of lavender spray, one to take into my bedroom and one to take to my Dad’s to help me sleep, which can prove difficult sometimes.

The movie night set I got was something I’d actually done as part of my Mum’s Christmas presents (great minds think alike?), where you buy a movie then add food and drink the person would have at the cinema and, luckily, we bought different films for each other. At the bottom of my box was a set of sprout pyjamas (and, strangely a set for Mum too).

On Christmas Eve Mum had given me an outfit to wear on Christmas Day as I stayed at my Dad’s so I could see my sister on her birthday on Christmas Eve and I needed it to put on on the big day. The outfit included ‘Grinch’ socks, thermal leggings, a sprout top and a blue corded dress and my Dad also bought me the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned and some black pixie ankle boots. The sprout top was the only thing I had told my Mum I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get but she’d already bought it and wrapped it up! On top of these I got a blanket-scarf which again is very warm and a pair of gloves that go right up my arms and which my Mum altered so that the fingers are shorter and don’t go right down between my fingers which I can’t bear.

I got a beautiful bauble from my nephew which I will treasure but must go into storage until next year.

I got two CD’s this year: Michael Buble’s new one from Magic and Poppy and ‘The Greatest Showman: Reimagined’ from my Dad.  Just need to unearth the CD player now so that I can play them.

Mum also got me a collar for Shep with a medallion that had my phone number and Shep’s name on it, so that, God forbid I ever lost him, hopefully someone would call me and I could go and get him.  He is so important to me that it would actually break me to lose him. 

Mum also made Shep a blue apron to match the one that I got for my birthday this year so that he looks professional while I film.

Business Christmas Presents:

My Nana bought me a bottle of (non-alcoholic) drink, the new Rosanna Pansino book, ‘Baking All Year Around’ and some tea cake cookie cutters. 

There was a unicorn cutter, which I can’t wait to use and Shep ‘bought me’ a unicorn baking kit by Rosanna. 

A small rolling pin from Mum, bought before she found out I actually wanted a Joseph Joseph one which has settings to allow you to roll your pastry out the exact thickness you want and evenly, so she arranged for my cousin to get that one for me as well!

I got a cake tester to ‘make me look more professional on camera’ according to my Mum (thanks Mum!)

‘Jamie does Italy’ from my cousin that I will definitely be using from this year to re-do as gluten free.

I also got yet another book called, ‘Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success’, by Steve Harvey which I cannot wait to read and start working on with my business to improve it.

Mum bought me an A2 sized carry case to store my script prompts in as they are currently scattered all over my studio.

I also got a new note book to write out my programme for the coming year and some page markers to help me find the right page quicker.

There were two display plates from The White Company which I can’t wait to use in my pictures and which will make my photos look great and professional.

Lastly I opened a present that was a box with a challenge in it and I could only find out what the challenge was by opening the box which terrified me!  Out of sheer curiosity I opened the box which, I didn’t know, meant that I had accepted the challenge.  The challenge is for me to grow some herbs and create a recipe for them to go into!  This present was both frightening and yet clever!!

On Boxing Day we ordered my main presents which are a table top oven and a table top hob so I can bake and cook down the studio and not be in my Nana’s way in her kitchen, meaning I can get ahead with my business – perfect.

So all in all a brilliant Christmas – just need to get my head down and do some reading now! 

I hope your Christmas was as good as mine and that you have a brilliant New Year. 

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you! 

See you next time…


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