My Style (take it or leave it…) – 17-12-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend I caught my Mum’s cold so didn’t go to my Dad’s, but I did meet him for breakfast on Saturday as usual for a catchup. I had a dentist appointment arranged for first thing which my Dad picked me up to take me to as he is using my Mum’s car at the moment, we also stopped off to get his medicine so he’s covered for Christmas.

I always worry about going to the dentist in case I have to have a filling, but the appointment went really well.  My gums have receded a little because I need braces but my teeth are great, which I WAS worried about as I haven’t been able to floss and things as much… especially when my chest plays me up, causing me to hardly be able lift my arms above my rib cage. I found out how much getting some braces to try and combat my gum disease would be and that has given me a (rather large!) savings goal… that is for sure.  I do take care of my teeth, but you never know what’s going on do you?

I met Mum and Dad at a coffee place  down the road.  The coffee is REALLY expensive there, but Mum chose it because she knew they would be able to park and we then went to our local shopping centre to have breakfast, well brunch, and then got on with HOPEFULLY the end of the Christmas shopping. We then had another coffee (at Mum’s insistence) and then went for a late lunch which was great as it gave me more time with my Dad. Dad then dropped me and Mum back to my Nana’s, he went back to his and me and Mum wrapped presents while watching a film.

My Nana, my Uncle and my Mum then went out to dinner while I watched ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’, review here, as I wasn’t feeling well enough to go. Mum rang to say they’d been told it was an hour wait for food, so I settled down to have some peace and quiet.  They then came home really quickly, so peace and quiet went out of the window.  I popped the Strictly final on as I wanted to see if Joe Sugg won and I actually enjoyed it, which is saying something as I had hardly seen the program before. I had a bowl of cereal to get me through the night and went to bed dosed up to the nines.

On Sunday morning Dad picked us up again and we all went to breakfast. After talking about what we had all done the previous night, we planned the day, which meant popping into my Uncle’s house to pick up any post and check we’d finally go the heating right, then picking up my Uncle’s medication so that he was also covered for Christmas.

Dad took me and Mum to ASDA and we did our food shop, had a coffee and Dad dropped us both back at my Nana’s house.  Then Dad went off for some ‘peace and quiet’!

After sorting out the food shop and preparing everything for my next Christmassy food blog post, both me and Mum decided that I wasn’t well enough to do it and to I decided to leave it until Monday.

I settled down to watch ‘Inception’ and then got a phone call from my Cousin to say that her car had broken down and could my Mum go and get my Godchildren. As we don’t have a car, we had to ask my Nana to pick them up, so we had an early dinner.  After dinner, my Mum attempted to walk the dogs but it was absolutely tipping it down, so my Nana’s dog sat on the stairs and refused to move, while my puppy stuck her nose out for a couple of minutes, then spent ten minutes rubbing her nose dry on the mat after refusing to actually step outside the door.

Mum went off with Nana, to collect the children who were originally going to stay with us overnight but my Cousin had got home so they dropped them off, which we didn’t want, but my Uncle finds it hard with the noise they make and my Mum could get a better nights sleep bearing in mind she’s back to work on Monday …

This weekend I wore a white long sleeved, skin tight top from Sainsbury’s, my black Mickey Mouse jumper from Primark, and my dark blue bootcut jeans from Next.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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