My Style (take it or leave it…) – 10-12-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend my Dad had borrowed my Mum’s car so after getting up, showering and walking the dogs, Dad picked us up and we went to breakfast.  We caught up on the week’s news, then Dad rove us back so we could drop of a paper to my Nana.  Then we set off for a different shopping centre as my Dad wanted to buy some Disney tokens for his niece’s children and our usual shopping centre had shut their Disney store down.  A tragedy, as that shop was practically my childhood!

On the way we dropped off the rent for the containers we’re renting on my Aunt’s farm as she asked for the money.

We reached the shopping centre then Dad and I went to the Disney shop while Mum returned something Next.  We went to Primark to find something in particular but they didn’t have it so we did other shopping then Dad bought coffee (also fainting at the cost – but then he is Scottish!).  We looked at our lists then planned the next stage of shopping and set off again.

I went into Lakeland with Dad to have a look around as it is one of my favourite shops.  In the new year sales I am hoping to get a single induction hob and a table top oven to help with my baking next year and also so that I don’t have to keep stealing my Nana’s oven.  I managed to see the induction hob for size and how it works, but they didn’t have the oven which was a shame.  However, I did see lots of other things I want to get!

Then we did more Christmas shopping and I even got one idea for three men we have to buy for so Mum was really pleased.

We also got a present for my Cousin’s boyfriend, so that was a result!  

Dad took me to Primark to buy some boots for my Christmas present and Mum bought me (yet another) Christmas jumper.  My Dad also bought a jacket for himself.  Mum bought us more coffee’s while me and Dad queued up (for simply ages) to pay.  Unfortunately Mum got me caffeinated coffee, but wasn’t particularly worried as I was going to my Dad’s rather then home with her!  

And finally, we were done and could leave – hooray – so we drove Mum home then went back to my Dad’s.

We watched television, both had showers and then went out to dinner.  We had both voted against going to the pub and got Dad some beer to have at home which was great as we could chat about everything and nothing without worrying about my Dad’s hearing aids picking up surrounding noise and irritating him. 

We watched television until bedtime, which turned out to be midnight (thank you Mum!).  

Sunday morning, we drove back to meet Mum for breakfast then she dropped me and Dad off as ASDA while she took my Nana to an eye appointment, which unfortunately turned out to be an hour later then we had been told, so Mum bought my Nana a paper and came and picked us up and then we all waited with my Nana.

Dad dropped us all off at my Nana’s then went back to his home.  

Mum and I watched ‘Elf’ while wrapping Christmas presents, which we both loved, then we had dinner with Nana and my Uncle before watching some TV, including ‘Doctor Who’, before getting things ready for Monday, then having an early night.

This weekend I wore my blue jeans from Next, with a white long sleeved top from Sainsbury’s and my rainbow striped top from Next.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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