My Style (take it or leave it…) – 03-12-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend was slightly different as I stayed at my Dad’s on Friday night instead of Saturday. I’d been asked to babysit my Godson overnight on Saturday so made a snap decision to stay over with my Dad on Friday and luckily it was okay with my Dad.

I had been babysitting the children on Friday anyway and my Dad came to pick me up but decided to stay and have dinner with my Mum, Uncle and Nana, rather than drive to his, shower and go back out. It made a nice change to have him there and we went back to his and watched tv together before I left him to it and went off to bed.

On Saturday we had to take my Dad’s car to the garage because it’s playing up then we met Mum to do some Christmas shopping, getting stuck in a very long queue, before shooting off to pick up my Godson. We were about five minutes late but it was okay and we dropped my cousin and her partner off at the station before remembering I had forgotten to pick up my laptop so we drove back to get it before going home.

My Godson and I played on a blanket on the floor all afternoon then had dinner and took him down to my studio so Mum and I could wrap Christmas presents and give my Uncle a break, but my Godson didn’t cooperate so we put The Grinch on instead. Eventually my Godson fell asleep and Mum and I watched the end of the film and shut down for the night.

The dogs were very unsettled during the night and early on Sunday Mum took them away so I could sleep. When we got up, Mum took the dogs for a walk while I got my Godson and me ready, then we met my Dad for breakfast before he and I popped to my Uncle’s house to pick up the post before nipping to ASDA.

While I was doing that, Mum decided to return my Godson but ‘swap’ him for my Goddaughter instead, so when she came to pick me up my Goddaughter was there too. We had planned to go to the woods but it was so wet we decided instead to take her for a walk around our local lido, pointing out Christmas additions, then stopping to have a drink and cake (well my Goddaughter had ice cream!) before I played with her at the park and walked her back to the car and drove her home.

I had dinner with my Mum, Uncle and Nana and watched Dr Who before an early (very welcome) night.

This weekend I wore a black vest top from Next, some black leggings from Sainsbury’s, my black dungarees from New Look and blue jumper, also from Sainsburys with my pixie boots.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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