My Style (take it or leave it…) – 26-11-2018

Hello Adventurers! 

I decided to stay home this weekend as I needed to get some much needed work done for the Christmas time. Saturday morning I helped my Uncle out with a few things before my Dad took me to my local shopping centre, while my Mum went and had a meeting with another Uncle of mine. 

Me and Dad went looking around the shops as I wanted to get two more Christmas jumpers for my final two Christmas videos that I had left to film. I was looking around and was a little disappointed with what options where available and where they were placed. I however did see a top or two that I have asked for Christmas. Me and Dad looked around five or six shops and there was only one that I had seen that I wanted. Knowing the following day that I was going to be going to ASDA and there was a jumper I liked in there so I wasn’t too worried.  

I found that lot of the shops didn’t do a huge selection of Christmas jumpers, also H&M only sold quite cropped jumpers which I don’t like and Next sold mainly Christmas jumpers that sit just below your bottom again, I don’t mind this design, I have about three of them but vary it a little! There are also, for some reason, there are a lot of llama and cactus designs… which to me isn’t Christmas at all! 

Me and Dad then ran into some friends of his (the couple meet up with when we go on holiday) and had a long chat. After our chat me and Dad had a look at two more shops and met Mum for breakfast. 

We all chatted about how our weeks were and planned what shopping we needed to do while we were out and about. After breakfast we went straight to Primark and got the jumper that I wanted. We then went around a few more shops while Dad went to get what he was after. We all then reconvened over coffee, Dad went back to his and me and Mum went back to my Nana’s.  

Once back at my Nana’s there wasn’t enough time for me to do any filming so, after taking to dogs out, Mum helped me sign up to an affiliate program which I have been meaning to do for ages but was uncomfortable doing on my own. Straight after we had finished doing this me, Mum, Nana and my Uncle went out to dinner.  

We returned home and walked the dogs then I had a shower and we watched television until bedtime. 

Sunday morning I had planned to get up early and film before meeting my Dad for breakfast- unfortunately it didn’t quite turn out like that and i ended up having a hot chocolate with mum then we got up and Mum walked the dogs while I got ready, 

We met up with Dad, ate breakfast while we caught up with the rest of our Saturday, then we set off for Asda to do the weekly shop and pick up a couple of Christmas presents. Mums trying to get Dad to let her know what the plan is for Christmas because she’s a planner but to say its difficult pinning him down is an understatement. 

A good while later we had a trolley full and said goodbye to Dad and went home. 

After an obligatory cup of tea I couldn’t find the jar of mincemeat to do my cooking and my chest was playing me up so filming went out of the window. 

I watched some YouTube while my mum wrapped the presents, then we worked out the rest of my Christmas blogs and updated our lists for Christmas presents to buy so we knew where we were and what needed to be done. A productive day all round – now if we can just bring Dad into line we’ll be there. 

Nana cooked Sunday dinner as usual and after the dogs last walk we ate then watched Dr Who and some television before bed.

This weekend I wore a white vest top from Primark, a thermal t-shirt from M&S and my Mickey Mouse shirt form H&M with jeans and my boots.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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