My Style (take it or leave it…) – 19-11-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend me and Mum went up to our storage containers again to do some more sorting out. We managed to get another good dump run in, a whole container full of things for charity and a load more clothes for my Nana to give to her church. Although the storage container is going to be little and often, in the end it is really going to be worth all the work we are putting in now. Everything both me and my Mum own are in those containers and we are trying our hardest to sort through things (even if it is the third time) that we could no longer need or we don’t like but it is really hard for both of us, our whole lives are in there and it can be a really good but heart breaking when we leave there because we can’t use the things.

I worked out this week that a quarter of my life has been screwed up by the mess we’re in and it’s so frustrating when it is so out of our hands.  I can’t write about our circumstances because it upsets me so, but we pray every day that things will be sorted out and we can move on with our lives.

After the dump run, me and Mum went and had a business meeting before meeting Dad for breakfast. A lot of things could be changing in my personal life soon so we are trying to be more selective about what I post in here as my time will be limited even more than now and meeting my commitments is very, very important to me.

You guys seem to really love these posts so I am still going to stick with these but I am not going to be doing the film reviews anymore… instead I am not going to post anything on Thursday and I am going to do a cooking/drink making blog post on Friday instead. So, in summary, I am now going to be uploading a blog post every Monday (a style blog post), every Wednesday (a gluten free baking blog post) and every Friday (a gluten free cooking or drink making blog post), along with a gluten free baking YouTube video every Wednesday and a style/whatever I want video every Friday.

The changes are also affecting what I am going to be doing at Christmas, so me and Mum had to sit and work that out at well. My Mum is effectively my business partner and she is one of the few people who truly knows me which is invaluable as she knows when I am not enjoying something or if I should or shouldn’t do something. The changes are things out of my control and I was feeling very down about having to cut things down, but talking it through together was brilliant and I cannot thank my Mum enough for helping me through all of this.

After our meeting, we met Dad for breakfast and talked about everything that had gone on in both our weeks.  Dad’s is usually a lot shorter than ours, though he did go and see my sister and her baby and had an up to date picture to show us.

After breakfast, Mum went home while Dad and I went to get him some beer, milk and milk for me, then set off for his flat.  We watched a few films, then had showers and went out to dinner at about 6.45 pm.  Dad had bought some beer so we didn’t go to the pub, but went back to his after dinner so we could watch some more films then went off to bed.  Because of the pressure of being my Uncle’s carer and other family commitments, Mum is insistent that I chill when I go to my Dad’s to have a complete break.  And my Dad is really kind to give up his bed for me every week, but he normally drinks enough not to worry about sleeping on a blow-up mattress instead.  In the end I was in bed by 11.00 pm, which was quite early for staying over at Dad’s so all in all a good evening.

The next morning I slept later than usual, but we met Mum for breakfast and talked through what work I have to do this week.  After breakfast it was a trip to ASDA to get supplies in, though Dad went off home this week rather than come home with us.  About £100 later, we had everything we needed and went home, where Mum had set up some filming for me and I quickly ran up a sweet pastry to make a pie for a future blog post which was to double up as a dessert for dinner.  My Nana set off for her amateur acting auditions, though she’s not taking any parts now, just joining in the singing for it.  This meant I could get access to the oven, which is unusual for a Sunday.

When the pastry was ready, I filmed while it rested in the fridge (it’s obviously exhausting being made!), then filmed a further video which was a lot more trickier as it meant trying on all my dresses (all five of them).  Then I finished making the pie, restored my studio to what it needed to be for tomorrow, and we went up to the house to cook the pie, and cook the vegetables ready for dinner.

Mum took the dogs out for their final walk while I watched over the vegetables, coming back in time to find I’d already done the washing up (I think she was watching from outside!).  Nana came back shortly after and we all had dinner, then watched some television before bed.  Again it had to be an early night as Mum has an early start tomorrow and I’m planning to have breakfast with her before she sets off so early night all round.

This weekend I wore a navy blue scarf, a navy blue long sleeved top from Warehouse, a pair of blue jeans from Next, a Christmas designed shirt from ASDA and some grey wrist warmers from Hush.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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