My Style (take it or leave it…) – 10-09-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This post is going to be a lot shorter than normal, as I am going on holiday and want to get this post done and dusted so I can enjoy it!  This weekend started with me waking up at 6.20am!  I know, but I had to be up for a package delivery that I wanted to take on holiday with me. 

I also wanted to spend some time cleaning the studio as I have recently let it get into a bit of a mess with not feeling well and life taking over.  Me and Mum had coffee and then Mum took the dogs out while I got ready for the day.  We had breakfast together where my Dad called me and said that he didn’t know what to do with himself as we possibly weren’t going to be able to meet for breakfast as usual, which was really funny, and we said if my package arrived early we would meet him at the shopping centre as we both needed to do some last minute shopping anyway.

I then didn’t feel very well, so my Mum got all of the bags together while I rested and watched TV.  My package arrived quicker than both me and my Mum thought, so while I finished getting ready, Mum took the dogs out again and said goodbye to everyone and then we went off to meet my Dad for a snack.  We said we would call him, so just as I picked my phone up to do that, I saw that he had called me eight minutes before to say that he was on his way down, how ironic.

Me and Mum got to the cafe quicker than Dad, so we made our plan of action for shopping.  Dad then turned up and after eating and discussing our weeks me and Dad went off to get some toiletries and said to Mum that we would meet her in Primark as she had finished in Argos.  After finishing our shopping, me and Dad went to Primark and looked around.  I found a towel that I needed to take on holiday, a unicorn hot water bottle (and I know I sound mad, but it helps my chest) that I wanted to take on holiday and a Disney Stitch jumper, that I saw last time I was in there but they didn’t have in my size, but they now had in stock.  Mum then met up with us and paid for everything while me and Dad went off to his.

When we got to Dad’s, Mum wasn’t too far behind and we all sat and chilled, watching TV, then me and Dad had showers and we went out for dinner.  After dinner we then went back to Dad’s and watched ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ before me and Mum went for a sleep before waking up at 2.00 am to go to the airport.

I am going to end this post here as all I am probably going to be doing is flying to Spain, going for breakfast until our room is ready, then settling in.

The outfit I am going to be showing you today is what I am wearing to get there.  I wore a white vest top from Next, my black dungarees from New Look and my new Stitch jumper from Primark.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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