My Style (take it or leave it…) – 03-09-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend I have had a poorly chest, but that hasn’t stopped me from spending time with my Dad and gettingon with some much needed work.  This weekend I started by getting up, having a shower and then heading off to a garden centre that is really close to where we were meeting my Dad for breakfast.  When we were in Spain last year, me and my parents went to a cafe practically every day that had some really unique fruit garden ornaments that my Dad really liked.  Since then me and my Mum have been on the look out for anything like that over here and last weekend we saw them, and since it was my Dad’s birthday on Friday, this was the perfect time to buy and give them to him.  The people who worked there were amazingly helpful as they helped clean the ornaments, take the prices off and gift wrap them which saved me and Mum loads of time!  We left the garden centre and managed to meet Dad for breakfast without being late, which with the added journey of the garden centre, we thought we might be.  We met up at mine and Mum’s local shopping centre as we needed to get a few things for the week and also some last minute things that we need for our holiday next week.  Over breakfast we all talked about our week and the events that took place, and then we started on the shopping.

My Mum needed to go to Primark as she needed some new work shoes and I also wanted to try and get a Mickey Mouse hat that I had seen weeks ago, while my Dad did a few jobs of his own.  As we walked into Primark, I didn’t really wan to look around too much as I knew that I would find things that I wanted to buy and the problem with Primark is that if you don’t get it there and then it won’t be there the next time you go there.  However, as soon as we walked in there was this whole section on Disney, mainly Mickey Mouse and Stitch and I ended up not getting the hat because I could not find it, but getting a grey fleeced jumper with loads of Mickey Mouse faces on it, which you will be seeing very soon I am sure!

The queues in Primark were obscenely long, so me and my Dad went ahead to M&S to pick up desserts that my Nana and my Uncle would be having after Sunday dinner.  Mum then joined us and we all went off for a coffee.  After coffee, we went around HMV, which I know I shouldn’t but as it was my Dad’s birthday the day before I wanted to get him the DVD ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ as he had watched that film recently and really liked it.  I also, along with my Mum, ended up picking up a few extra films, it’s a problem I know but you have to live a little and I truly think that DVD’s are my only vice.  While me and Mum finished up on some the tiniest bit more shopping, my Dad headed back to his where we were both going to meet him later.

While my Mum did some last minute shopping, I spent time writing some blog posts on my phone as I was really running out of time to complete my blog posts before going on holiday.  I kept writing until my Mum finished shopping and then we went off to Dad’s.  Seeing as I wasn’t well and I have a lot of work, we all decided that it would be good for me to go back to my Nana’s for the night, so I could wake up early and try and get some work done before going to meet Dad for breakfast on Sunday.  After getting to Dad’s I had a shower and then we watched ‘The Shining’, which we picked up from HMV.  I won’t tell you what I thought of it as I will, for sure, be doing a film review on it in the not too distant future.  My Dad then had a shower and we went off and had a lovely dinner all together.  Me and Mum dropped Dad off at the pub and me and Mum went back to my Nana’s.  After taking the dogs out and spending some time with my Nana and my Uncle, me and Mum went to bed as we both needed to get our rest to be able to wake up early and get on with our jobs on Sunday.

We woke up bright and early and got on with loads of test baking.  I measured out everything for my ‘gluten free pinata white cake cupcakes’ and got them mixed and in the oven.  I went to see if they cooked while my Mum measured out and halved my magic stars chocolate so that I could make my ‘magic stars hot chocolate’.  My cupcakes failed, which meant I would have to try them out again after breakfast, so I measured out my butter and icing sugar ready for me to make my ‘peanut butter buttercream icing’.  This was all really great, saved me loads of time, plus it was all done before 9.30am, RESULT!

We met Dad for breakfast and talked about the rest of our evenings and what we had planned for the rest of the day.  I invited Dad to come shopping around ASDA as he didn’t have very much planned for the day, he said yes, and off we went.  We all went shopping around there for food for the week, a book for the holiday and some mugs that I have had my eye for a while, we all then had a cup of coffee and me and Mum went back to Nana’s to continue working while my Dad went home.

Once we got back to my Nana’s I was feeling really rough so my Mum did a lot of the testing and test baking for me while I wrote blog posts and took the pictures for the blog posts once they were finished.  After all the pictures were done I managed to write six blog posts, which is an amazing achievement and, bearing in mind how bad I felt, I am really proud of myself!  Me and Mum then did some packing and went up to the house and chilled before dinner.  Me, my Mum, my Uncle and my Nana then all had dinner together, my Mum took the dogs out and then we all watched the Formula One race.  After watching that, me and Mum fed the dogs, and went to bed.

This weekend I wore clothes that my Dad had bought me as it was his birthday dinner.  I wore a white vest top from Next, my Simpsons men’s long sleeved top from H&M and my black jeans from Primark of which my Dad bought the Simpsons top and the jeans!

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!

Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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