My Style (take it or leave it…) – 06-08-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend has been quite a chilled one and that is great.  I have been working non-stop recently so it has been really nice to chill out and not have to worry about work for a day or two.  To start with, on Saturday, I woke up around 6.15am as I wanted to film a video, however, me and my Mum had been talking about so many different videos that we were both completely confused about what the heck I was meant to be filming!  We talked about different videos that I could film quite quickly as we were meeting my Dad for breakfast at 10.30am.  I was going to film a ‘My Goals 2018 Half Yearly Review’ but the prep work for it wasn’t completely done, and as this is, to me, quite an important video, I wanted it to be 100% ready.  I went and had a shower and we both decided that I would the next ‘Style’ video as the majority of it was ready, and I could film one of the other Friday videos we were talking about with no problem during the week.

Once I was dressed and my hair blow dried I got on with filming, I filmed ‘ Shoes and my Accessories’ and that was done by 9.00am, fantastic!  I finished getting everything ready for going to my Dad’s and met Mum on the dog walk.  We chatted about things, dropped the dogs back off at my Nana’s and went off for the day.  We had to pop by the vet’s to pick up some flea medicine and then we went off to meet Dad.  We actually met Dad in the shopping centre car park, which we were not expecting, and off we all went for breakfast.  Over breakfast we talked about the week’s events, as usual, and then we went off to Primark.  A couple of weeks ago I went to Primark to get a rainbow effect jumper that I had wanted for a while, and I came across a hat that had Mickey Mouse on it and meant to buy it then and there, and somehow forgot to take it to the till with me.  I went back and finally got the hat and this made me really happy as I can now wear it on days that my hair is looking less than its best while filming or vlogging for my weekly vlog.  Over breakfast I had asked Dad if he thought we could go and see my eldest sister and he texted her.  She responded saying that she was going to an event, but that we could meet her around 3.00pm/4.00pm.

We all then went to M&S to get food for the next couple of days and for dessert at Sunday dinner.  As I was walking around, I happened to see that there was a gentlemen that had a gluten free wrap in his basket.  This looked really interesting to me so I went off on a little hunt for it.  I couldn’t find it so I managed to find the same gentlemen and he told me where he found his.  I practically ran there and found that there were two options, both of which I could eat as they had no yeast or wheat in them!  I have found it quite hard when it comes to wraps as the majority of the time, when they are gluten free they have yeast in them, which I cannot eat, meaning they are a no go for me, so this was a brilliantly unexpected surprise!  After that mini treasure hunt, me, my Mum and my Dad went off to have a coffee and we happened to pass a sunglasses kiosk on the way through, Mum had said that she needed some sunglasses and actually managed to find TWO pairs after many many rounds of trying ons.

We all then had coffee and decided that we would have lunch before me and Dad went off to meet my sister.  We went off to Frankie and Benny’s, which sells gluten free options.  My Dad had a classic burger, my Mum had a spaghetti carbonara, and I had a gluten free carbonara.  I was actually disappointed as my pasta wasn’t cooked all the way through and it was cold around the edges, but it is okay, because I now know that I won’t go there again unless I have no choice.  Me and my Dad then went off to his where we chilled and had showers before seeing my sister.  My sister picked us up and we went to my Dad’s local pub and had drinks and a good catch up.  My sister then went back to her’s and me and Dad stayed at the pub for a little longer where we talked about everything and nothing.  After a few more drinks and chats, me and Dad went back to his and we some food, him a corned beef sandwich and me, my hoisin duck gluten free wrap, which was absolutely delicious by the way!  We then chilled and watched Home Alone, and I went to bed not too long after that.  I have been having bad nights recently and I needed to get an earlier night then normal to, hopefully, catch up on some sleep.

I woke up the following morning where me and Dad watched the news and we heard that Barry Chuckle had passed away.  This was heartbreaking news as I had grown up watching him and it was just so sad.  Me and Dad then headed to meet up with Mum for breakfast and we all chatted about what the rest of our Saturdays were like.  Over breakfast me and Mum went through the notes for my goals’ video , I was grateful for the work my Mum had done to help with that  video.  I then wasn’t feeling too great so we decided that it was probably better that I didn’t film and had a chilled day instead.  Dad then went back off to his and me and Mum picked up a few bits before heading back to my Nana’s house.  Me and Mum then did a little bit of work in the alley at the back of my Nana’s house as we walk the dogs down there and we want to clear the brambles and weeds where we walk.  I then curled up on the sofa down the Studio, and watched Ted 2 while my Mum got on with some jobs.  After Ted 2 there wasn’t enough time to watch another film, so I chilled and watched YouTube until my Uncle came and told me dinner was ready.  Me, my Nana, my Uncle and Mum had dinner and discussed what we had on for the following week.  We all then chilled together and me and Mum went down to the Studio and watched the film ‘Red Sparrow’.  Me and my Mum then went to bed as we were both exhausted.

This weekend I wore a black vest top from Next, a pair of black leggings from H&M and a blue tank top with a jeweled princess carriage that I bought in Disneyland Paris many years ago.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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