My Style (take it or leave it…) – 30-07-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This Saturday, I didn’t go to my Dad’s at all as I was taking my Goddaughter out for the day with my Mum and I also had a mid-day hygienist appointment.  When we arrived at my cousin’s house my Mum knocked on the door, we think actually waking up my cousin, while I set up the car seat.  We were taking out my Goddaughter to give my cousin some time with the baby and to give my Goddaughter a break from her baby brother.  On the way to breakfast with my Dad, we popped into Magic’s (my dog’s) vet to drop of some clothes for charity, some dog biscuits that the dogs won’t eat and to pick up some antibiotics as my Nana’s dog Poppy is constantly itching, so hopefully these will help her.  Poppy also couldn’t finish the last lot of treatment as she caught a doggy sickness bug.

We then met my Dad for breakfast, with me and Dad sitting at one table and my Mum and my Goddaughter sitting at another.  This was to give me time with my Dad as I knew that I wasn’t going to see him again until Sunday.  My Goddaughter, of course, kept going between our two tables and sneaking food off everyone along the way… cheeky!  At breakfast I arranged with Dad that I would go up to his on Sunday for a couple of hours, where I was going to help my Dad fix his TV, I was going to make some sugar cookies and we were going to watch ‘Game Night’.  I then went off to my hygienist appointment with my Mum and Goddaughter and my Dad went back to his flat for the day.

I had never been to a hygienist before, but as the dentist recommended it at my last appointment… I really felt I should.  On the way there my Goddaughter fell asleep in the car, so my Mum stayed with her while I went to my appointment.  I am not going to lie, I get really anxious about new things and the dentist, although I am not scared of it or dentists in the slightest… I guess it is needing a filling that makes me anxious as it makes me feel like I am failing to take care of my teeth, even though I brush and mouthwash twice a day and floss in the evening.  However, I put on brave face and braved this new challenge and experience!  My appointment was all done about half an hour later and I was given loads of great tips about flossing: to do it before I brush my teeth, and that pushing the floss further will stop the bleeding from the gums that I am suffering from; and not mouth washing straight after brushing my teeth will help, as if I leave mouth washing until after I left the toothpaste on my teeth for a while, it will give the toothpaste a little time to do its job.  So, it is actually better to mouthwash around lunch time and just before going to bed.

After my appointment, we then took my Goddaughter to our local Lido.  There is a path through a set of woods near the Lido, so we decided to walk through there with her rather than try and park in the Lido’s car park which was bound to be packed as the weather was sooo nice.  On our walk through the woods we challenged ourselves to find a red leaf as a present for my cousin and a stone (which turned out to be a rock) for my Goddaughter’s baby brother.  My Goddaughter picked up a really thick branch which we managed to discreetly ‘lose’ which my Goddaughter wanted to take home as well.  We managed to get to the Lido just in time as my Mum was about to die of latte-withdrawal, slightly over dramatic maybe, but no less true.  Between us we had ice-cream, ice-lollies, cake and drinks.  The ice-cream my Goddaughter had was blue and clearly gave her brain-freeze, wrinkling up her face and making her put her tongue out to show the blue.  We then set off for the play area.  My Goddaughter has no fear and climbed up the pirate boat climbing frame higher than my Mum could reach, but she did stand underneath.  The older children were kind and let her walk through rather than pushing past her in their hurry, one even offering to help her because my Mum couldn’t reach up.  We hadn’t planned to go to the Lido so hadn’t taken a bucket and spade for her which was a big regret, but she found a discarded play fork and a woman gave her a cracked bucket and she had a lovely time, picking up a friend along the way and building sandcastles. 

After a while she went to play on the roundabout and, again, the older children were very considerate and she had a great time.  Then we had more drinks and managed to guide my Goddaughter away from the park and into the woods to walk back to the car without any tears and tantrums, result!  When we got back to my Nana’s were we found my cousin and her baby already there so I got cuddles with the baby as well.  My cousin went off to an appointment and Nana and my uncle had arranged to go out to dinner.  We couldn’t go because we don’t have a baby chair in the car so we stayed and I cooked up some dinner for me, Mum and my Goddaughter. After dinner, we took the children to the studio to watch a film, then my cousin came back and took them home.  Mum and I finished watching the film, then sat and talked about my business, planning future videos and blogs, then got ingredients ready to take to Dad’s and went to bed earlier than usual, having arranged to wake early to do some filming before meeting my dad for breakfast. 

Me and Mum then woke up early on Sunday and had a shower, cleared my studio and filmed my next ‘style’ video where I talk about what I wear ‘going out in the evening’.  It worked really well so we might do the filming first thing again and again and again…  Me and Mum then met Dad for breakfast and I went back to his while Mum did some much needed food shopping for Sunday dinner as my Nana was out during the afternoon so couldn’t do her normal roast.  I got to my Dad’s and got on with baking my Gluten Free sugar cookies.  I tried something different with these ones to try and help out the powderiness in the middle of the cookies, but in fact it made no difference at all.  I got really good reports about the taste though from my parents so I am really happy!  After my Mum got to my Dad’s we all watched ‘Game Night’ together and then me and Mum went back to my Nana’s.

I would have ordinarily cooked dinner as my Mum hates cooking, but I needed to get ahead with my ‘Gluten Free Harry Potter’s Birthday Cake’ video for Tuesday and that definitely has over two hours of footage!  After a little while I stopped and had dinner with my sugar cookies for dessert.  I then went straight back to editing and continued editing until ten to nine at night where I was about to start another approximately twenty-five minute clip.  I thought that I would leave it there as I could start afresh on Monday and be in a better frame of mind.  I then went to bed so I was pumped for Monday.

This weekend I wore: a black thicker strapped vest top from H&M; some black leggings, also from H&M and a white jumper with rainbows down the sleeves from Primark.

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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