Creating My YouTube Space: Part 8

Hello Adventurers!

Welcome back!

After we decided where I was going to film my YouTube space, we went down to the garage to decide which section I was going to use.  I obviously couldn’t use the entire garage as everyone who lives at my grandmother’s, and some who don’t, use the garage for storage.  So, I really could only pick a quarter of it to use.

To decide which area I had to consider some things:

–          Natural lighting, and if that wasn’t available, what other lighting was available.

–          How I would film things.

–          Privacy.


There was a window that produced some natural light, but it wouldn’t have been enough to create a great video, so, that idea was out the window (no pun intended), and I had to choose another section.  As you walk into my grandmother’s garage, at the back on the left hand side there are ​some strip lights.  I didn’t think that putting myself under those to film would work as. when I have watched people on YouTube, they say that you shouldn’t film under spot lights, and I thought the strip lights would create an undesirable affect.

So, that really only left the front and back of the right hand side.  The front of the right hand side wasn’t really an option as there was no lighting, no privacy and there was shelving behind me that I couldn’t get rid of.  After, all of that hoopla, the final decision was to set me up on the right hand side at the back of the garage.  This was a good and bad decision, it was good because I had finally made a decision and could work with it, but it was bad because even though we knew that we would have to sort through boxes and move things, there was so much of it.  My cousin who is hoping to be moving into a house fairly soon has a lot of household things and some furniture all of which was also in the way.

Now that we had decided where we were going to set this up, we had to go through all the tools, paint, and about a hundred boxes, all of which were owned by me and my Mum and my uncle.  This took us a while but was fun because it gave me and Mum plenty of time to talk about things for the future, i.e. my blog, YouTube, and moving.  This was also the perfect opportunity to set up my record player that I got for Christmas the previous year as I had had nowhere to put it and didn’t want to annoy the people I live with by playing it.

I am not going to go into too much detail about actually sorting all of the stuff out, but I will just say that we separated things into whether they were staying, going to the dump, being eBayed or going to the charity shop.  Also, I will just point out that some of the things we moved were pigging heavy.  We also moved some, if not, most of our boxes to be a barrier between the door, which is made of metal and makes the garage colder.

After we had finished clearing all the boxes, my Mum then decided that it would be a good idea to set up flooring.  As I needed both a flat floor to keep me level on camera, which the garage didn’t have, and protect me from the cold a bit more I suffer badly from it.  We took some spare pallets from around the garage and laid them down plus we used some spare wood (also from around the garage) on top.  There was also some spare insulation that we placed down which the dogs kept stepping through while setting it up they were trying to help of course.  We then placed a spare desk and desk chair from the garage on top for me to sit on so that I didn’t have to stand.  This took us more time then I thought it would, but we thankfully didn’t have to buy any wood as my Nana had an entire stash down there.

So, at this stage we had decided where I was going to film, had cleared a load of boxes and unwanted rubbish, created a floor and spent practically no money.  You can’t really get much better than that!


That’s part eight done and dusted, let me know what you are thinking of this series.  I hope you guys are enjoying it!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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