My Style (take it or leave it…) – 09-07-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend I didn’t go to my Dad’s as I wanted to stay home and try and get ahead with the filming that I have now started doing: one weekly vlog a week, one baking video a week, one style/whatever I want video a week.  I wanted to try and get ahead of these as I am finding it quite a tight time frame to get them all done, so the sooner I get ahead, the better I will feel.  Although it is a tight time frame, I am loving EVERY SECOND OF IT!

Me and Mum went to a local shopping centre to meet Dad for breakfast as we had some small things that we needed to get and there were places that we needed to go to that were really close to that location.  On the way to breakfast we got stuck in huge traffic!  Which, however annoying, allowed me to get my shopping list done and also what I wanted to film and in what order.  We actually got to breakfast before Dad, which was incredibly surprising and gave me even more time to figure out and finish my shopping list before Daddy arrived.  Once seated, we talked about the week’s events, what we needed to buy, and how I wouldn’t be going to his which I hated doing as I feel like I’m letting him down.  Although he was completely fine with it which made things massively easier for me.  He had got a new phone, an iPhone, during the week and I showed him how to do some things on it as I have personally owned iPhones since the second one came out.  I am truly an iPhone girl through and through.

When shopping I needed to get some glasses clearer, I actually use the ones from Poundland and we also got my Dad a screen protector for his new iPhone.  We then didn’t have anything else to do so we went and had a look around Decathlon.  I love this shop and I cannot wait until I have my own house so that I can buy most things… if not everything in there for me, and then for my children to enjoy!  We actually ventured to the back of the shop for the first time and we saw that they do archery, badminton, adult scooters, roller-skates BRILLIANT!  We then had a really long coffee and tea with him and he went off back to his.

Me and Mum needed to see my Aunt as our things that are in storage are stored where she lives and we had to pay her the rent from last month.  However, as I was walking back to Mum after saying goodbye to Dad, my Aunt and her daughter were sitting down and calling me.  I said ‘hello’ and quickly got my Mum and told her they were here.  We gave the money over to my Aunt which in the long run saved us loads of time and was really good timing.  We passed HMV walking back to the car and I was telling myself that I didn’t want to go in there as I would no doubt spend money, but I went in and overall bought seven films!  HMV is my vice people I’m sorry!  We also popped into Primark so that Mum could get some sandals and we were then headed to Sainsburys so we could do food shopping for the week and so that I could get my food for my baking and cooking.

We were supposed to go to the Sainsburys right next door to the shopping centre, but we were both on autopilot and drove straight past it!  We decided to go to the Sainsburys near my Nana’s but yet again got stuck in traffic, which, although was near enough completely caused by road works, there was actually a crash on a roundabout, which caused major disruption and it looked like it was getting extremely heated so we quickly got out of there.  We got the Sainsburys near Nana’s and got everything we needed.  I was planning on filming about three videos on Saturday, but we didn’t get back to my Nana’s until about 4.30pm, we instead we spent the time going through our wardrobe and sorting out my clothes into categories and actually got rid of a few items, which made me feel really good, as I hate getting rid of anything.  We also got the clothes that I was going to do in my first ‘style’ video ready for the next day to save time.  Saturday night my Nana cooked us dinner, gluten free beef burgers and sausages with an assortment of sides it was delicious!  We then all chilled together and went bed.

Sunday morning, I got up and as I knew I was filming, I had a hair shower so that my hair looked good for the video.  While drying off I got everything weighed out and ready for baking my gluten free banana bread recipe, link here, which was the baking video that I also wanted to do on Sunday.  We then met Dad for breakfast, talked about the rest of what happened on the Saturday and what we were planning on doing the rest of Sunday.  I then went with Dad to try and connect my Dad’s new phone to the handsfree on his car, but I couldn’t get it to work so I had to leave it in the end.

Me and Mum went back to Nana’s and we set up the clothing video and did that, and then set up and did the baking video!  SUCCESS!  Me, my Mum, my Uncle and my Nana had dinner, we also had my gluten banana bread for dessert, which was delicious and me and Mum took the dogs out.  After coming back, me and Mum went down to the studio to watch ‘Game Night’, which is great, and we were both so tired after that, me and Mum went to bed.

This weekend, as it was sooo hot, I wore a light blue vest top from Next and some black leggings from H&M, of course!

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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