My Style (take it or leave it…) – 02-07-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend was different to normal, yet again… I can’t actually remember what a normal weekend is like anymore!  My Nana was going into London on Saturday so my Mum stayed in with my Uncle.  My Dad was coming to pick me up and take me away to breakfast, but in the end he actually came in for a cup of tea.  He needed some help with his Iceland bonus card, as when he last used it, the barcode was wearing away too much for it to be read by the scanner.  Online I went as he hadn’t been able to get through to anyone on the phone number provided.  This took a little while as I was trying to register the card and it wouldn’t let me do that, and I tried to get a password reset and it wouldn’t do that either.  In the end my Mum wrote an email to them and we are currently waiting on a response.

After all that hullabaloo, off to breakfast me and Dad went and had a catch up about the past week’s events.  He also needed me to go onto Virgin as he wanted to downgrade his TV package.  This took me forty minutes but it is done and he is happy, which is all that matters.  We were meeting my sister later on so we didn’t have a huge breakfast, like we normally would, as we were planning to have lunch with them.  However, we had over an hour to kill so we went to a local shopping centre to pick up a few essentials and to just have a look around.  After about half an hour my eldest sister called to say they were at the pub, so me and Dad left basically straight away and headed straight there.

We met my sister and her partner at the pub and we were told that my middle sister was also coming to join us, which was a great surprise.  In the end, me and Dad weren’t hungry so my sisters and my eldest sister’s partner had some lunch while we all talked.  My eldest sister and her partner ordered the ‘Swiss burger’, but the pub had run out, or didn’t have, the Swiss cheese, so it was a Swiss burger… without the Swiss, hahaha.  After a while we all went our separate ways, it was great to see them all and I cannot wait to see them again.

I asked Dad if he could take me to Tesco on the way to his, which we had planned to do, but somehow we were both on auto pilot and completely forgot!  Thankfully there is also a Sainsburys really close to his flat so I popped in and got some milk, gluten free biscuits, because I was hungry and didn’t want to eat too much as we were going out to dinner soon, and some shampoo for my Dad that we couldn’t get earlier.  When we FINALLY got to Dad’s, we watched Graham Norton and half of Creed.  We then both had showers and went to dinner.

After dinner we went to the pub, as usual, and watched the second half of the Portugal and Uruguay World Cup football match.  When that finished, we went back to my Dad’s.  We finished watching Creed, the rest of Commando and some of Rocky IV which was coincidental as we had watched Creed but hey-ho.  I went to bed not too long after we started watching Rocky IV and my Dad watched it until the end and went to bed.

The following day me and Dad met Mum for breakfast and talked about our evenings.  Dad then went back to his and me and Mum went to Sainsburys to do a food shop.  Sainsburys was sooo busy that people were literally queuing up the isles for the tills!  As I kept saying in the shop, it was insane!  Me and Mum then went home where my another of my Uncles was coming over.  I was trying to get everything ready for filming my baking video, which is going up on Wednesday, but everything was against me so I went and sat up with my Mum and my Uncle, my other Uncle and his wife.  We all chatted about everything and nothing and then they left and my Mum came and helped me with setting up my video.  I am so much calmer with my Mum there and she can make things into a joke when I am struggling, and that is exactly what she did!  I got the video filmed, apart from the outro and she began cracking on with dinner, as my Nana was at an event and wasn’t there to make the Sunday roast dinner that we usually have, while I cleaned up after my video.

After cleaning up, I went and helped make dinner and me, Mum and my Uncle ate it and enjoyed it.  I then filmed my outro and we decided to leave my ‘style’ video until Wednesday as it was going to be too rushed for me to be happy with it.  Me and Mum took the dogs for a walk where I helped a little girl who had fallen off her bike and we went back home and chilled with my Uncle.  My Nana came home not too long after that and me and Mum chilled in the garden for a little while before going to bed.  All in all a super productive weekend and I cannot wait for you guys to see the baking video on Wednesday and the style video on Friday!

This weekend I wore a white vest top from Next, a blue take top with frilly shoulders from Redherring, and some black leggings from H&M!

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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