My Style (take it or leave it…) – 11-06-2018

Hello Adventurers!

I started off my weekend this week with going to the dentist. Annoying but well worth it. I didn’t really want to go as I was terrified that I would need another filling or a filling replaced as my teeth have been giving me a little bit of gip. It wasn’t actually until we got a letter through a month or two go saying that both me and my Mum had missed our check-up last year, that we were reminded the  appointment was well overdue. My Mum took me and sat outside as she knew that I was nervous about the appointment while I went in. I told the dentist my worries and she did a normal check up on me. I had x-rays done as well which actually really put my mind at ease to know that they were fully checking my mouth over. The dentist told me that I have gum disease which I was not happy about, but that one of the main reasons that I have this is due to the fact that my teeth are crowded. She said that the quickest way for my teeth to both be straightened and stay straight would be to have some white braces put in as they could do all the work over six months and it would also come with a retainer which would help but not solve the problem with my teeth. I told the dentist at the beginning of the appointment that eventually I.e. when I had the money saved up, I wanted to have my teeth straightened with Invisalign, but my dentist said that I wouldn’t get the results I wanted in the end, and that it would also take two years to complete the ‘treatment’. My dentist also told me to book in to see the hygienist to give my teeth a proper clean. I have never been to an hygienist that I can remember, so I am both slightly nervous and excited for that appointment.

Me and Mum then had our usual routine of meeting Dad for breakfast. I told him about my dentist appointment and we discussed my options as a family. If I am completely honest, I don’t want to have the ‘white braces’ done as the whole reason that I wanted to go for Invisalign was so that I could have my teeth straightened (all be it slowly) but I can do it so that when I smile, it doesn’t look like I am wearing braces.  However, both of my parents explained to me that if I just had the white braces put in, it would sort my teeth out, thus fixing my current problem, and I would only be wearing them for six months compared to two years. It actually really is a better deal in the end.

My Dad also needed me to do some computer jobs for him as he needed to set up a direct debit payment, and he also needed me to renew his driver’s license. The latter I could do, but we didn’t have all the information needed so we would pick this up again at Sunday breakfast and complete it then.

While Mum went and did some shopping of her own and went home, Me and Dad went to a further out shopping centre and popped into Primark, John Lewis and HMV. I went to Primark as I have been investigating things for Harry Potter Day as I would like to do both a video and blog post for this year on it. I wasn’t actually meant to be buying anything, but I saw a hoodie that was £12 and was now £5 so, I just had to! I also saw loads of tips and a pair of Harry Potter shoes and nightwear and home wear that I am really interested in buying.

I needed to go to John Lewis as I needed to buy: a funnel; I wanted to have a look at some background options for both my videos and blog post pictures; a jug; drinking glasses and a decorative fork. I found a very pretty bottle that I thought would look lovely for putting drinks in, but as I was walking around I found that the cap wouldn’t stay on so I put it down again, as I was looking around further for a jug and glasses there was a couple with a young girl looking at the bottle and they thought that they had broken it so I told them if that is what they were looking for, I found it on the lower floors, but the one that they had picked was already broken and that was why I had put it down.

Just before, while and after I talked to the couple I found some gorgeous glasses and a jug with little bees around the rim! They were stunning and original, and I bought one of practically every glass in the collection and purposefully didn’t buy pairs as I wanted each glass to BEE different, hahaha get it? Anyway moving on… Both me and my Dad couldn’t find any cutlery that we both liked, but thankfully, Dad said that he had a one of my decorative forks at his, result! After John Lewis we popped into HMV and I bought Molly’s Game and The Commuter. We then went back to my Dad’s flat and chilled out for about an hour.

I texted Mum to ask how she was and what she was doing and she told me that she was coming up to see me, I truly didn’t expect this so quickly ran in the shower and hung out with her for a little while, while my Dad finished his crossword and had a shower himself. We all then went to dinner and had a lovely time.

After dinner, Mum dropped me and Dad off at the pub which we left after a little while. Dad bought some beer on the walk back to his flat and we went back to his. We then watched The Hangover… well I say that we watched it, but my Dad fell asleep halfway through so, you know… I then went to bed and I think that my Dad did the same, not too long after me.

The following morning, I woke up around 7.25am and I thought, I am not getting up(!) so I went back to bed and actually got up around 8.45am and me and Dad watch A Place in the Summer Sun and talked about what we would do if we had the money to move abroad.  When the programme finished, me and Dad drove down to meet Mum for breakfast where we then successfully did my Dad’s direct debit. We then went to a card shop so my Dad could get a card for his great nephew and we all said our goodbyes until next weekend.

My Nana had on Friday lost her sunglasses so me and Mum went back to where we had dinner on Friday night and thankfully they had them! Me and Mum then went to Waitrose to get some food and I actually found another one of those bottles that I didn’t buy in John Lewis except this one had the cap thing properly attached to the bottle, I bought it and I cannot tell you how happy I am!

Me and Mum then went home where I chilled, ate dinner, chilled again and went to bed.

Now onto what you clicked on this post to see, this weekend I wore a black vest top, a light white but designed Desigual shirt and some blue shape jeans from Next!

Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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