My Style (take it or leave it…) – 04-06-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend was a normal one. Me and my Mum took my goddaughter to her father’s as her baby brother was too ill to go and me and Mum then went to a local shopping centre to have a coffee while we waited for my Dad to meet us. We actually got to breakfast earlier then expected, so we spent the time talking about my work and seeing the places where it could be improved. I spent the majority of the time looking at my pins from Pinterest for ideas for Christmas, which created a lot I can tell you.

My Dad then came and we all had breakfast and caught up on what had happened that week. After breakfast we all went shopping together. We went around Wilkinson to see if they had anything that would help the display of my pictures for this blog. They didn’t have anything for the display, but they did have a square baking tray that I had been looking for for some time, which was a massive result! I then went off with my Dad and we bumped into two of my Dad’s friends and had a quick catch up with them. Me and Dad then went to Debenhams to meet Mum and see, again, if they had anything to help my displays.

We both found a toast shaped plate that I had been in love with for a while that was in the sale, two silver sparkly placemats and a small spatula set which I think will come in handy as I am starting to practise decorating my cakes. My chest and my back started to hurt, so I was heading to sit down for coffee, when I saw HMV and popped into see what new films they had, they had four/five that I was interested in but in the end I bought three: Downsizing, Winchester and The Post. The coffee shop that we were going to go into was too loud and with my Dad’s hearing aids, he wouldn’t have been able to hear a word we were saying so we headed to another café. My chest was really hurting so I was grateful for the sit down. I had originally planned to make some Gluten Free Cinnamon Sugar Cookies at my Dad’s as he has a freezer, which is essential for my recipe, but I was just hurting too much. This was actually nice in a way, not because I was in pain (of course) but because it meant that I could chill out which I am finding hard to do these days. I then went off to my Dad’s and Mum went back home.

When we got to Dad’s I made myself a hot chocolate, actually quite a few over the time, and watched a whole load of programmes: ‘The Graham Norton Show’, ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’, ‘NCIS’, and one of my Dad’s all time favourite films ‘The Goonies’. We both had showers and then went to dinner, where he had a burger and I had ham, eggs and mash potato. My middle sister then texted my Dad to see if he was going to the pub, which was a silly question really, and so she said that would join us later on.

We got to the pub around 7.30pm – 8.00pm and there was a disco on, and I can honestly say that Saturday night was the most enjoyable night down the pub I have had so far. We met up with my sister and hung around with a nice guy that my Dad drinks with and the bar staff who I have got to know. As you guys may know, I spend nearly all my time in the house working and I have been like this for a good few years now, I also have some problems talking to people I don’t know and it makes me fairly anxious but I am happy to report that it is getting much easier! The disco was 80s themed and the majority of the night was spent asking me about who I thought was singing and if I had even heard the songs in the first place, thankfully most of them I had and when I hadn’t, I think that was just a shock to them all just how much younger than them I am! I did tell the governor of the pub that I didn’t know much about music, but that I did know about films, and THANKFULLY when he tested me he mentioned films that I knew! Me and Dad ended up staying at the pub until 11.00pm, we then called it a night, went back to his, watched the end of the film ‘The Yards’ and we both went to bed.

The following morning my Dad brought me home, and we had breakfast with my Mum. My Dad then went home and me and Mum went to Sainsburys to pick up food for the week and some ingredients for my baking/cooking that I am hoping to do this week. Close to the end of the shopping trip, my chest got really bad AGAIN so we went home. I had planned to make Gluten Free Churros and film my first proper baking YouTube video now that my wall was painted, but I just couldn’t, so instead I lay down and watched ‘Winchester’ which was actually better than I thought it was going to be, as it is a ghost story and I don’t really like horror films, saying that though, I really enjoyed it, although, I will not be watching it on my own!

I lay down for practically the rest of the day, except for having dinner and I spent the rest of the day coming up with ideas for Halloween and ‘Harry Potter Day’. I was actually really struggling for ideas for ‘Harry Potter Day’ but then I remembered that my Mum bought me a cookbook called ‘Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook (Unofficial Cookbook)’ so I spent some time looking for it on the storage document and thankfully found out that the box that the book is in, is in the loft, brilliant! So I will be looking at that to try and do what I did for Valentine’s Day: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for the day. I am trying to plan all of these things ahead of time so that if I am ill, like this weekend, or am caught up in family things, I don’t have to worry about anything because it is all done and prescheduled. I then went to bed as I needed to rest my back and chest.

This weekend I wore an outfit that, for me, is quite out there as I have been fairly body conscious for the majority of my life, but it has been so hot, and I am losing weight, so I just thought, WHY THE HECK NOT! I wore a black vest top, with a white cropped t-shirt with black tie up laces on both sides of the front, and some black leggings (as usual)!


Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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