My Style (take it or leave it…) – 28-05-2018

Hello Adventurers!

I know that I say this a lot but this weekend was different as I didn’t get to my Dads until 4.30pm on Saturday.  This was because I was painting one of the walls down the studio so that I can film my baking and main channel videos for my YouTube channel.  I had filmed some before, as you guys well know, but I didn’t like the colour of the wall so I decided to paint it brilliant white as this is my favourite colour for walls, and rooms in general.  I decided to do this a while ago and this weekend was the perfect opportunity to do so as it meant that I had three clear days to get this job, that had been hanging over me for a while, done.

So, me and Mum got up really early (around 7.00am) and had breakfast before starting the job.  As I am writing this I am sure that it must sound like this is a small job, but the wall is a good 20 foot long(!) and I wanted, if I could to do two and, if needed and time allowed, three coats.  While Mum started doing the edges for me I went through my bookcase and sorted through all of the heavier items and sorted them out into whether they were staying out (which went into a box while the bookcase was moved) or going into storage.  I also did this for my DVDs and I am only putting three or four into storage and only putting four into charity as well.  I have to say that putting even more things away for storage made me cry as it is even more of my life being put away… but saying that, giving only four things to charity made me feel really good as, one, I am giving to charity, but, two, it means that there aren’t that many things that I want to get rid of, meaning, that I haven’t bought loads of things that I then want to get rid of!

After I had finished sorting through everything, Mum had painted quite a lot, so I started ‘filling in’ the wall.  I found this very therapeutic and fun as I could actually see something I have wanted to be done for a while, finally being completed.

The time I had finished sorting everything and actually started painting was around 10.00am, and I finished the last roll of paint at around 2.30pm!  I told you this was a big wall.  During this time my Nana was also trying to get her fences painted as we had such lovely weather this weekend, and she had borrowed a paint sprayer from my Aunt.  Me and Mum were actually painting on top of each other, so I went out to help my Nana.  We didn’t have the instructions on how to work the paint sprayer so we were completely guessing how to do it.  We filled the only bit that we could actually fill up with paint, where the air pump is and I thought that the paint would then fill out into the body of the sprayer, which of course, it didn’t!  I was TERRIFIED!  I thought that I had broken my Aunt’s sprayer and I didn’t know how to fix it, the only thing that we could do was tip the paint back into the paint pot and we then stuck in rolled up newspaper to clean it that way, which by the way really worked!  In the end we actually just started painting the fences with paint brushes, MUCH easier!

Me and Mum both had showers, and we then went off to dinner with my Dad.  We had dinner really early, around 4.00pm and I was falling asleep at the table.  I was actually meant to be going back home to spend the night, but in the end I stayed up at my Dad’s as we had got WAY more painting done then we had thought that we were going to, but had not put everything back.  My Mum dropped Dad off at the pub and me at his flat as I was just too tired to go, my middle sister was joining him later so everything was fine.  He then came home around 10.15pm and we both went to bed, I was actually in bed about ten minutes before he came in but I got up to check that he was okay.  While he was fast asleep, I just could not get to sleep.  I was awake until after 1.00am in the end and I think that this was due to the huge thunderstorm that we had and I was thinking about a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t have been doing at that time of night.

The following morning, I woke up at around 6.00am, which wasn’t great, but I then dozed until 8.30am which was better.  Me and Dad then went and met Mum for breakfast and me and Dad went off to Waitrose to pick up a few things as I was also staying at his on Sunday night.  We then went back to his and chilled as we were meeting my middle sister before going to see my eldest sister.  I also had a shower in that time, which I am sure was much appreciated bearing in mind how hot it was!  We went to lunch with my middle sister and went to see my eldest sister and her partner.  We stayed with them for a couple of hours and then me, Dad and my middle sister went to the pub.  We all stayed there until around 9.00pm and me and Dad went back to his while my sister went back to her home.

When me and Dad went back to his we watched ‘Spy’, an amazingly funny film.  Well I say we watched it, he fell asleep and I went to bed not too long before the end of the film.  I then went to bed and slept through to 8.30am, result!  The whole of Saturday I had had a really bad headache, so the good night sleep really helped!

This weekend, with weather being so nice, and hot, I wore a very long and very floaty shirt dress and some black leggings.


Let me know what your weekend was like in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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