Creating My YouTube Space Summary

Hello Adventurers!

Welcome back, how are we today?

Today I thought that I would give you summary version of what happened with my YouTube space.  Over the next several weeks, I will go into far more detail and breakdown all the pit-falls and triumphs that I had to go through to get to the stage where I am now.  Lets-a-go!

It all started a year ago when I decided that I wanted to expand my business with a YouTube channel.  I decided this while watching a load of my (then) favourite YouTuber’s and seeing the success they were having doing something that to me seemed so simple (how wrong I was!).  I started off by deciding what exactly I wanted to put onto YouTube which included, Gluten Free cooking and baking, vlogging, chatty videos (as I like to call them), health and fitness (which I do realise contradicts with my baking but heh-ho), crafts and gaming videos.  Just a quick note to say that I knew this would not all happen overnight, and that I am slowly building up to be able to do all this, but the list is an end game rather than a now job!

I realised that I could do the vlogging, chatty, and, baking and cooking videos first without breaking the bank, but first of all I had to practise.  This meant buying my camera (I use a Canon Powershot G5X for everything at the moment) and practise, practise, practise.  Once I had gotten used to the camera and working with it, I then started researching how I could do my baking and cooking videos.  I really enjoy what ‘Tasty’ upload as it is quick and shows you everything you need.  I wanted to follow their example but not copy them, so I decided to try doing Stop Motion filming at both my Dad’s flat and in my bedroom.

This didn’t work for many reasons, which you will read about soon, so I moved onto just filming talking to the camera.  Even this it quickly became apparent I didn’t have enough time to do, at that moment, because of personal things that were happening at the time that took priority.  Plus, finding the time to edit was impossible, so I decided there was just no point in fighting it.

A while after that my Mum asked my Nana if I could use her garage to do my filming and she said yes.  So we spent some time doing that up, but that turned out not to work either as I, again, had the same problem with time and the trains passing were too frequent and noisy to shut out.   Another while after that my Nana decided to have her garage converted into a day room and said that I could use it as my office space, thank you Nana!

I had to buy a lot of furniture for down there and, as I knew I would have the space to do most, if not everything, I wanted to film, I had to pick carefully.  The next job was find the best lighting place to film, but as I cannot afford lighting equipment, I had to do that via natural light meaning a lot of shifting of furniture.

The next thing is to find a table with storage where I can hopefully store my equipment and film my baking videos, and I think that I may have found it today!  Here’s hoping… your fingers had better be crossed!


Well… I did say that it would be a summary as apposed to a fully fledged blog series.  Come back next Friday to see the first detailed account of how it all came to life!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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