What does Lent mean to me?

Hello Adventurers!

This week, as it was Ash Wednesday last week, I thought that I would talk about what Lent means to me and what I try to give up.  This year, I think that it was looked over quite a lot as it was also Valentine’s Day, but hey-ho.

Lent means to me, trying to teach myself discipline, no matter how small.  I tend to try and give up swearing, this is a very common one actually, but I think in general it is a good exercise in patience, goal setting and discipline, as I have already said.  I think that if you wanted to try and get rid of a bad habit, this would be a great way to start it as it is six weeks long, which is forty two days!  Also, because it is Lent, I feel guilty if I do swear, ie much more than if I just decided to give up swearing, so I pick up on it more.

So, let’s all try and give something up or create a good something!  Mine is going to be to try and stop swearing, but also maybe try to fit in and do more exercise, because I never really find the time to do that, although I do wear a Fitbit which definitely makes me walk more!

I am personally a true believer in goals.  I think that they focus our minds and help with self control in life.  I make a goal every week to try and complete and they near enough always get completed (although my life is very unpredictable so they don’t always, but one not being completed out of seven isn’t bad as it just moves into the following week) and this is because I have tried to train my mind to focus on what I want and I just have to make it happen!


Let me know what you are giving up for Lent and let’s keep each other motivated to complete it!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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