Fors and Againsts for Home Schooling

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As you may know, I was home-schooled from the age of sixteen.  My Mum often asks me if I would change anything about the experience or if I think that I missed out on anything because of it.  The answer to this is NO!  I actually wish that I had found it sooner and did it from a lot earlier.  I loved it and really enjoyed the whole experience.

Since I don’t know that people who have gone through this experience, I thought that I would let you know what I found to be For’s and Against’s about the experience.  Here we go!


I could get up whenever I wanted, so long as I wasn’t late for my lessons, because I didn’t have to travel to school.

I could wear whatever I wanted, meaning I could wear anything from my PJ’s or nothing (small fact: I actually did a mock exam completely naked as it was a dare from my Mum! hahaha).  This also meant that I didn’t have to worry about what other people thought of what I was wearing and thinking that I had no dress sense or anything like that.

I could have any kind of food or drink whenever I wanted.

I only had two full days of learning a week, which meant that I had far more time to get homework finished and study.

On my schooling platform, I could interact with other students via an MSN-like chatting platform.

Once I started home-schooling, I had to do my own lunches, and take care of myself, something that I hadn’t previously had to do.  This allowed me to learn some forms of independence which was fantastic.

When I started home-schooling, my parents had to rely on me turning up to lessons and put their full trust in me to attend.  This taught me the obligations of attending my lessons, something that I had before, taken for granted.

Home-schooling for me was like private school, the days were shorter and the holidays were a lot longer than I was used to.  Before, I was having one week off at half term and two weeks off at the end of term and then six weeks off for summer holidays.  However, home-schooling holidays were very different.  I had two weeks off at half term and three weeks off at the end of term and then seven weeks off for summer holidays (I think).

I also think that this would be a really good solution for people who move around a lot.  The original reason for doing home-schooling was because my family was planning on moving abroad and we wanted a home-schooling solution to help with the moving process so that my education was disrupted as least as possible.



Home-schooling isn’t free, it costs the same as joining a private school.

Practically as soon as I joined home-schooling I lost all contact with my previous high school friends.  I have managed to gain three back but it isn’t great that you have no contact with people of your own age.

If the internet was down, or I was travelling without portable internet i.e. a dongle, you couldn’t attend classes.

When I did my mock exams, or had to print of my homework and then had to scan it to the teacher so they could see my workings, I would always need my printer and scanner to work and if they didn’t, I was in trouble.

As I mentioned before about losing my friends, it did get lonely, so if you do go into home-schooling, you need to have some form of club to go to.

My home-schooling platform was online.  It was really good as I learned how to touch-type (typing without having to look at the keyboard) but it did mean that my handwriting was really bad, as I wasn’t doing that everyday, which I would have been in a normal schooling situation.


I hope that you found this blog post helpful.  Let me know what you think in the comments below!  Also, feel free to ask me any questions that you have in the comments as well!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!


See you next time…

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