What My Dream Kitchen Would Be

Hello Adventurers!

Well, last Monday I promised that I would write about my dream kitchen, so here I am delivering.  I hope you guys are enjoying these as much as I love writing them.

My kitchen will be white with either black or blue counter tops (I haven’t decided yet!), with white, easily cleanable, cupboards.  The cupboards will fill one wall from top to bottom, with the oven built in, the fridge/freezer and gas hob will be on another wall, with a sink on the third wall.

My oven will be a fan one, with a door that will tuck under it when open, and be coloured blue.  I have chosen a fan oven as that is currently what I am working from at the moment and will make life easier for when I start cooking and baking in my new kitchen.  My dream fridge and freezer will be combined, tall, and blue in colour.  I don’t know if you know this but most kitchens are planned with the oven, fridge and sink, being placed against different walls in a triangle shape.

I would like a tiled floor, with underfloor heating, so it’s easy to clean and to keep my (always cold) feeties warm.  I will have an island on which to film cooking/baking and drink making videos which will stand in front of the fridge/freezer and hob wall.

There will be drawers in the island to hold my continuously used equipment and utensils, keeping them close to hand.  Having lived for the past few years with boxes and bags all around us, everything will be kept in cupboards or drawers.

There will be a built in coffee machine (so I can make good coffee for my Mum) and a tap that produces filtered water to drink, so that I don’t have to keep filling up one of those filter water jugs.  I may have one of those taps that has boiling hot water coming out (like at my uncle’s house) but if not I will have a blue kettle with a blue toaster to match.

Cleaning products will be kept in a high cupboard so my Goddaughter (and then my own children) will not be able to get hold of them, there will also be a cupboard with all of my cleaning equipment, i.e. a broom, steam mop, dust pan and brush.

By the fridge my dog toy Shep will watch me film and a picture of my motto ‘Remember Be Brave, Be Happy, Be Kind, Be You!’ will be on the wall behind him.  On that same wall, in the middle, will be an electric hob.  Above Shep will be a bookshelf, with my cookery books.  I will also have some waterfall fairy lights, both blue and white, along the bookshelf.

I will have white bi-fold doors, that lead out into my garden and big windows, which will create the perfect amount of natural light for filming and just for general living.  I will also have some waterfall fairy lights, both blue and white, along the bi-fold doors to put on in the evening.


I really hope that you guys have enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comments what you have in your kitchen, in case I’ve forgotten to add something in.  Please, as always, share this blog post around with friends and family!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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