My Goals For Life – 2018

Hello Adventurers! 

A lot is happening in my life that is putting me down and making me feel that life isn’t in my control.  So, today I would like to write about the goals that I have planned for my life as a reminder of what I have to look forward to and what my work will bring me.  As usual I am going to separate these into Personal and Business Goals, here we go:



It’s My Life

I want to live a my life my way, and not the way others choose for me.  My Mum and Dad have really helped me get this far and have instructed me to what I could do, but they have never made me do anything, all of the decisions I have made have been my own.



I want to be married by the time I am thirty and have a long and happy marriage to someone who will love and care for me as much I will love and care for them.



My thoughts on having my own children have changed and I am not sure if I am going to have my own children or adopt my children.  A lot can happen in the space of one hour let alone in the next ten years so I am very much leaving it up in the air but in terms of actually having children, that definitely has not changed.



I fell down the stairs about a month ago, causing a lot of soft tissue damage.  This has hindered me in losing weight and toning up.  I already have the problems with my chest but I could walk to lose weight and that was partly taken away while my leg is getting better.  I have to walk on my leg, but my knee on my bad leg has become swollen and hurts a lot.  It is taking far longer to get better than I thought it would so I am currently waiting for it to get better.  However, I am starting to have smoothies for dinner so that I am cutting out a meal, but I am have my required fruit for the day.  In general, I want to become completely fit, toned, and healthy for the rest of my life and cannot wait until I am better to fully get this started.  Although I think that having the smoothies for dinner is going to be a good start.





I really want blogging to be my career, I enjoy doing it, I have fun and it gives a sense of peace that a lot of other things don’t.  I want to get this blog working and getting a lot of views, to help out as many people as I can with my Gluten Free and Yeast Free cooking/baking/drink making, my ‘give-back’ to the world, or if I can just be a distraction for five or ten minutes of peoples lives if they are having a bad day.  There is also another blog that I want to create, about how teenagers can make money and make their career path as early as possible.  This would have really helped me when I was younger as I didn’t want to get a job and end up like my mother has so I wanted to make my own path.  I also couldn’t get a job when I was thirteen and didn’t know what else I could do to help bring money in to the house.  However, I might just place this under this blog somewhere.



As a side to my blogging career, I also want to create a YouTube channel and do chatty videos, film reviews, book reviews, Gluten Free and Yeast Free cooking/baking/drink making videos, hauls, crafting videos, gaming videos, business information videos, I also want to do weekly vlogs and the odd day vlogs of days that are full of fun things for me to look back over and watch in the future.  I cannot wait to get this started and also cannot wait for the fun that I am going to have with it!



I would like to write some cookbooks for Gluten Free and Yeast Free cooking/baking/drink making.  I would like to write some on just baking, some just cooking and some just drink making.  I then want to move into more specialised things like, just cakes, just bread, just cookies.  I would also like to write informational books for people you want to earn money from home either as a side income or a full time income. 


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post, as I have said a number of times, it makes me feel really good to plan my life so I know what I am working for.  Let me know what your life goals are in the comments below!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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