What My Dream Filming Room Would Be

Hello Adventurers! 

You guys are really seeming to enjoy my What my Dream … Room Would Be’ so here is another.  This time I am going to write about my dream filming room, I won’t include an area for filming my cooking/baking/drink making area as I will be filming those in my dream kitchen, which I will tell you about next week. 

My filming room will have two different filming sections, one section for my chatty videos.  The wall will be white and have a small bright sofa and will be the colour of my favourite shade of blue.  Either side of the sofa will be two side tables, on the left hand side table will be my dog toy Shep, and a picture frame of my ‘Remember Be Brave, Be Happy, Be Kind, Be You!’.  On the right hand side table will be a pile of books, films, or something that I am really enjoying at that particular time along with my ‘V’ and ‘A’ letters.  I will also have some waterfall fairy lights, of both blue and white in colour, going down behind me.  If I could, I would prefer my chatty videos to be filmed in front of a window as I have found that natural lighting is the best, but if they have to be filmed with artificial light, that will be fine. 

On the other side will be a wall that has ‘GAME OVER’ written on it and a plain black desk.  On the opposite wall to that will be a TV and a TV unit with the console that I am going to be using that day set up and ready.  I will be sitting on a blue, white or black gaming chair.  There will also be another wall filled with all the games that I will film myself playing and slightly lower than that will be a collect of all my games consoles in the order of which they were released. 

And the final wall will have loads of storage for all my filming equipment and gaming equipment.


I really hope that you guys have enjoyed this blog post, let me know in the comments what you have in your filming room.  Please, as always, share this blog post around with friends and family!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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