Christmas Sales

Hello Adventurers! 

A quick blog today to say if you have the room (and the money) today is a good day to go to the Christmas sales.

The frenzy should have died down by now and it be easier to wander round.  I’ve found you can pick up next year’s cards and wrapping paper for a fraction of the price, along with Christmas themed stocking fillers ready for next year.  Of course you will then have to store them, but I’ve found this worthwhile. 

I don’t get any ‘major’ presents as people’s lives and wants change throughout the year.  Having said this, I know a young mother who buys her children’s clothes for the next Christmas at knock down prices, thereby getting more normally expensive things for them to wear.  Mind you, she does this in the summer sales too! 


Let me know about any good bargains if you go in the comments below!  Also, let me know any shops that you think I should start shopping in this year!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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