My New Year’s Resolutions 2018

Hello Adventurers!

First of all, Happy New Year!  I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and I hope that you have an even greater New Year!

I thought, that, with it being New Year’s Day and all, I would talk you through my New Year’s resolutions.  As usual, there are both personal and business resolutions so I will separate them out into the different categories.


My Body

I like my body, I like my height, I like my features, the only thing that I want to do to make things better is to improve my posture and lose weight so that I become fit and toned.

To sort out my posture I am going to start working at my desk every day rather than in my bed, this will be an easy thing to sort and I cannot wait until my desk is set up for me.

These have been something I have been working towards for a good few years now, and I have got better at some things, i.e. drinking more water, but I am still the same weight, or hopefully a little less then I was. 

I have taken action on this, by trying to drink at least two litres of water every day, I got a Fitbit from my Dad for my birthday, and that is seriously helping me to walk around more which is fantastic.  After working for an hour I get up and walk around, adding to my goal of 10,000 steps per day.  I am trying to have smaller meals and two snacks in the morning and one in the afternoon, the morning two are fruit and then the afternoon snack is a bar of chocolate.   

I have a bar or a few pieces of chocolate then because I don’t drink caffeine or sugary things so, after about 3.00pm, I start to get tired and confused easily.  This creates something to look forward to and it also helps to keep me going until I finish my day of work at 5.00pm.  I have also personally found that if I have this piece of chocolate, it will keep my cravings at bay and I do not scorn myself for having it.

The walking is doing me a lot of good, and once my chest is better, I plan on starting to do more exercise like yoga, to get me fit and toned and also, to give me some meditation time.


My Mind

Over the last couple of years my mind has taken quite a bit of a battering.  I am dealing with things that are like sandpaper.  Every day they are scraping away at me and I need to find ways to make myself and my brain stronger.  So, to combat this I am going to stop caring so much about what I think people think about me and just think positively or find a positive in everything, focus more on the good than the bad and finally, become far less obsessive about cleaning my hands which has begun to cause my hands to be red raw.

I have already started to care less about what other people think, by stopping my thoughts in their tracks.  Every time I think of something bad, that is, what I think people think of me, or something that I just don’t want to think about, I say, either in my head or out loud, ‘STOP’ and switch to any song I like and then I think about what I have to do next in my business.  It’s a small thing but over the last couple of weeks, and actually in the first couple of days of doing this, I found that it really helped.  It doesn’t always work, but for the small things and the majority of the time, it is fantastic for me!

Thinking positively is something that I really need to work on and I think that the only way that I am going to be able to do this is again to follow my ‘STOP’ method.  I think that my work and my business is the thing that is really going to help my family out the most and thinking positively about this will start to bring positivity into my daily thoughts.

I think that this ‘STOP’ method is the best thing to also solve my focusing less on the bad and more on the good and also to become less obsessive about cleaning my hands.  Every time I have a bad thought, or begin to have bad thoughts, I will just say stop and go onto something positive.  I can also use this when washing my hands, because before I wash my hands I will say ‘STOP’ and ask myself, do I actually need to wash them, or am I just being a bit silly about it.



For my lifestyle I want to read at least three books a year, start working things so that I live a healthier lifestyle, laugh more and talk more to my friends.

I find it really hard to read books.  It takes me a long time to read them as I don’t have a great deal of time.  I work from 9.00am, or 10.00am to 5.00pm and longer sometimes if I am cooking at my grandmother’s.  I watch YouTube in the morning while I have my breakfast and a coffee to wake me up and after 5.00pm I cut up the backlog of magazines I have so that I can fit them all into a folder, thereby taking up less space.  When my Mum comes home we walk the dogs, have dinner, spend time downstairs with the family or I cook/bake while my Mum works on her story, and then about 8.30pm – 9.00pm I get ready for bed. 

The only time really for me to read is at night and I need to get better at doing this, I also think another problem I have with reading is that I haven’t found more than three authors that I like, I need to broaden my horizons on this which is going to be a great adventure.

When I say, ‘start working things so that I live a healthier lifestyle’, I mean walking more, exercising more, and eating healthier.  I have made a start on eating healthier, having cereal for breakfast, two snacks of fruit, lunch, some chocolate, and a smaller dinner i.e. salad, smoothie or soup.  I don’t like eating too much before bed as I think that it isn’t good for my body to be digesting a big meal while I try to sleep.  I want to eat healthier when I am at my grandmother’s, having salads but with hot meat.  I don’t mind salad, but I don’t like cold meat.  The salads will also add to my five a day, which I am also trying really hard to achieve.

I also eat out for three meals a week on average with my grandmother and uncle, then a meal with my Dad and sometimes a meal with my Mum.  I will try healthy meals the rest of the time, and for one of those meals I will still eat healthily.  I tend to have a huge jacket potato with tuna mayonnaise and a salad, for one of these meals (obviously depending on where we eat), so I allow myself to eat a bad meal for one of these meals and then I have a Sunday roast, which my grandmother makes, and we all have a dessert after.  This is the only dessert I have all week, so I am again, going to cut myself a little slack.

Whether this be watching a funny film, funny video or just chatting with my Mum, I want to laugh more.  There isn’t a great deal to laugh about in my life at present so trying to find something funny every day to make that difference, I think will make day to day like much better. 

I also think that keeping better contact and working on my relationships with my friends will be good for me.  I am keeping up with texting them and I cannot wait to hang out with them more.



As you guys know, I am living at my grandmother’s, which I am incredibly grateful for, but me and my Mum do want to move out and live in a house of our own.  I plan to make this a reality, which I have been saying for the past four years, but I do feel like this year will be the year for it to happen.  I will be making a plan of action with my Mum to help for this but I plan on working hard on my business, clearing out the things we don’t need out of our storage units and saving as much money as we can.  





A big thing obviously for my business is to create good content.  There are plenty of things that I plan on doing to make my content better.  But, I will not write about things that I don’t care about or don’t want to talk about.

I want to start writing product reviews on anything I have found really useful, or fun to use or play with.  I think that I will be posting them up as and when they happen.

What I wear will not be a major feature on my blog, but I do like what I wear, therefore it is worth writing about.  I like trying to bring in as many things that I like in life to my business because then I get to do loads more of it.

I have loved creating crafts for my Halloween and Christmas challenges, and I cannot wait to do more of them – watch out for Valentine’s Day and Easter.

All things ‘In The Kitchen’, link here, are a huge passion of mine.  I love cooking, baking and making drinks.  These are a major feature as they are all Gluten and Yeast Free and I cannot wait to try out, master and post loads of these recipes for you.

I like doing reviews of both books and films.  I don’t think that I am the best at them, but the only way I am going to get better is to do a lot more of these kinds of posts.  Which is yet another goal of mine for this year.

Hauls and monthly favourites are also something that I really want to get into.  Although I want to save money, I do have to spend money to get my business earning more. I love watching people talking about their favourite buys and what they have recently bought, from cooking/baking to stationery hauls and I cannot wait to do my own versions and show even more about my life to you.

Although I don’t have access to all of them I have a huge collection of both cookbooks and magazines on cooking, baking, and crafting.  As I wrote before, these are things that I want to do far more of and I cannot wait to get these things out and start using, trying out, and amending them to my personal liking.

With all this work that I am planning to do, I want to get as many of them done and prescheduled.  This may sound like cheating, but with the workload that I am going to be putting on myself, getting things prescheduled and finished with will allow me to work on other projects and tasks quicker.

Finally, I really enjoyed coming up with ideas, creating and completing my Halloween and Christmas challenges.  I loved them so much that I plan on doing way more of them next year!  I cannot wait to get these started, but I do think that I need to work on them early and as soon as one has finished I need to immediately be working on the next project. 



I am incredibly thankful to the people who do follow me on Instagram, link here, and visit my website.  But I do want to spread the word further and tell people about my life, my Gluten and Yeast Free cooking, my crafts and everything else that my blog has to offer.  I think that the best way for me to do this is to advertise more. 

To achieve this I plan to create a twitter account.  I have found Instagram a really great way to connect with you and I cannot wait to do that on another platform.  This will also help me get more followers and therefore more people visiting my site.  If anyone you know needs gluten and yeast free food, but likes cakes, please send them to my website.


My Blog

I am thinking of redesigning my blog slightly, I love the way it looks, however I think that it could do with some tweaking.

I plan on spending a day once a month, or when I get things settled, once a week, researching what I can be doing to make my business better, for both you guys and myself.  I also have a lot of research to go through already in book form, print outs and pins on Pinterest that I cannot wait to read and start actioning.



I have been harping on about this for AGES, but there has never been a right time for me to start my YouTube channel.  However, I am planning on starting it this year, as soon as I can.  I don’t really know what content I want to start posting first but it will be fun, and I cannot wait to get started. 

To achieve this I plan on practising vlogging every day.  I need to charge up my camera and start doing this and don’t really know why I have been putting this off other than living at my grandmother’s makes it difficult to film but I want to be comfortable in front of the camera so need to practice. 

One of the things I would like to film and post is me playing computer games.  I think that they are really fun and I want to start playing games from my childhood, like Mario and Harry Potter.  Hence, I would like to set up a gaming station and start playing.


I think that working on these things throughout the year will make my life both easier and better and I cannot wait to achieve them all.  I will be breaking these down into little action plans to achieve the bigger goals and will start doing monthly updates on how I get on over the year.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post!  Let me know what some of your New Year’s Resolutions are in the comments below! 


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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