Reason Behind My Tagline

Hello Adventurers!   

Today, I thought I would tell you guys what my tagline for this website means to me and how I want it to be received by you guys.


Be Brave

This was a last minute add to my tagline as the original line was going to be: be happy, be kind, be you!  However, I watched the remake of Cinderella and in the film they kept repeating the line ‘have courage and be kind’.  I fell in love with this line and I wanted to include it in some way, but put my own spin on it.  So, I decided to put ‘be brave’ instead. 

The other reason I wanted to add ‘be brave’ was because I have found every day to be a struggle and getting out of bed, being happy and trying to put other people before me, plus try and get them through their problems has been fairly difficult.  So, I wanted to add ‘be brave’ because I truly believe that it isn’t weak to be kind in this world.  I believe that it is much easier to let the bad things and people take over your life, so be brave guys, and fight this with everything you have.


Be Happy

I try to make people happy all the time and it is sometimes hard for me to actually make myself happy, so whether that means you stick a funny film on, you listen to your favourite music, take your dog for a walk or play with them for a bit, the littlest things can a big difference to you.


Be Kind

This I think sort of speaks for itself.  I don’t really think that there is any reason that anyone cannot be kind.  Even if it is just holding a door open for someone, helping your parents with something, telling someone who helps you out a lot that you are really appreciative.  All of these things can make a huge difference to people’s lives.

When I am feeling low, I watch funny videos and some of those are of Ellen DeGeneres and she always ends her show with ‘be kind to one another’.  She is one of my idols and I dream to one day be able to do and have the same impact that she does in this world.  With all the hatred there is in the world, we need to be the ones to make a difference, so be kind.


Be You

This is very important!  People will try and change you, tell you what is right and wrong, however at the end of the day it is your conscience and your’s alone that you have to answer to.  If you are a geek, be one, if you are a sports nut, be one, if you are a movie and TV buff, be one!  Be whoever you want to be, and don’t let yourself, or anyone else, talk you out of being you! 


All of the above are life goals for me.  So have the bravery to get up in the morning, do anything that makes you happy, spread kindness, and be yourself!


Let me know what your tag line would be below!  I cannot wait to hear your amazing and creative answers!


Remember be brave, be happy, be kind, be you!

See you next time…

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