Magic Stars Hot Chocolate

Hello Adventurers!

Today I am combining two of my favourite things, Magic Stars, which I love so much I named my dog after (I also named her after my love of all things magic, including Harry Potter) and hot chocolate, my all time favourite drink!  Let’s-a-go!

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Gluten Free Piñata Plain White Cupcakes

Hello Adventurers!

I have wanted to do these for a really long time, and now I am finally achieving that goal!  I am also making my first ever gluten free ‘white cake’ cupcakes in this recipe, I hope you enjoy.  Lets-a-go!

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Essentials For Videoing: Part 1

Hello Adventurers!

Last week I finished telling you about how I created my YouTube space.  So, seeing as my next task was to actually start producing (filming and editing) and uploading YouTube videos.  I thought that I would create another series to help you guys with what I find to be ‘essentials for videoing’.  With this being the first in this series, I thought that I would start with what I have found to be essential filming equipment as this is usually the first step into making videos. Continue reading “Essentials For Videoing: Part 1”

My Style (take it or leave it…) – 17-09-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This weekend was yet another strange one as I was in Spain for the Saturday and then England for most of the Sunday, except for all the flying of course.  Since I am talking about the end of my holiday, I just want to say, more for myself than for anyone else, how much fun I had this year!  It wasn’t that the last couple of years were bad or anything, it was more that I think I smiled more on this holiday than I have this whole year and that is a great feeling. Continue reading “My Style (take it or leave it…) – 17-09-2018”

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

Hello Adventurers!

Since this is my birthday month, I want to spend it talking about and creating all the things I love. So, what better film to review than ‘Beauty and the Beast’ the 2017 version, seeing as ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is my all time favourite Disney film! I absolutely love this film as I find that it has most things, to me anyway, that make it good. I have actually watched this film twice in one sitting before, and by this I mean I watched it once and started it from the beginning again. If that doesn’t show how much you love a film, I don’t know what will!

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Gluten Free Chicken Korma

Hello Adventurers!

As I have said before, this is my birthday month, and in actual fact, this is my birthday week!  I wanted to continue on from my gluten free korma sauce recipe that went up a couple of weeks ago, so here is my favourite every curry, a chicken korma.  This recipe serves two generously or three slightly smaller portions.

NOTE: I found that the strong spices ‘stuck’ to my clothes so if you are cooking this for a date, or party, be prepared and do not wear your date or party clothes while cooking!

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Creating My YouTube Space: Part 16

Hello Adventurers!

Just a quick warning to say that this is the final installment in this series… only until I get my own house you understand.  I cannot believe how quickly this series has come to its inevitable stand still, however I am really excited that in the future I will be able to bring this series, and hopefully many more like it, to life again. Continue reading “Creating My YouTube Space: Part 16”

My Style (take it or leave it…) – 10-09-2018

Hello Adventurers!

This post is going to be a lot shorter than normal, as I am going on holiday and want to get this post done and dusted so I can enjoy it!  This weekend started with me waking up at 6.20am!  I know, but I had to be up for a package delivery that I wanted to take on holiday with me.  Continue reading “My Style (take it or leave it…) – 10-09-2018”

King Arthur – Legend Of The Sword (2017) Review

Hello Adventurers!

If you saw my weekly vlogs from the beginning of this year, you will have seen how obsessed I got with this film and I think that in the end I watched it every day for about two weeks!  It is one of my all time favourite films, hence it living in my T.A.R.D.I.S. (where all of my faourite and feel good films live) and also, seeing as this is my birthday month, I want to talk about films that I truly love!

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